Traditional Gyro Sandwich:

Served with tomato, onion, lettuce and tzatziki sauce, wrapped in pita bread.

To make a traditional gyro, pieces of meat are placed on a tall vertical spit, which turns in front of a source of heat, usually an electric broiler. If the meat is not fatty enough, strips of fat are added so that the roasting meat remains always moist and crisp. The rate of roasting can be adjusted by varying the strength of the heat and the distance between the heat and the meat, allowing the cook to adjust to varying rates of consumption. The outside of the meat is sliced vertically in thin, crisp shavings when done. It is generally served in an oiled, lightly grilled piece of pita, rolled up with various salads and sauces.  View this and all of our sandwich and entree offerings on The Dinner Menu.

“Now I do not have to go to New York for an authentic Gyro! The spagetti & homemade meatballs are very comforting. The gyro pizza is fantastic. I cannot wait to have breakfast one weekend. For Alexandria, we have waited an extremely long time to welcome a restaurant of fine food.”  -JR